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What We Offer

Customer Services

By always being proactive and updating our clients regarding the current status of all their cases allows for our clients to work more efficiently within their own workflows with this up-to-date accurate information.

Some of our standard processes that add to our customer service experience are as follows;

  • pic-whatweofferAppointments take place within 10-15 business days from point of referral unless otherwise specified.
  • Able to provide after hours and weekend appointments in order to accommodate customer needs.
  • Appointment confirmation with regard to date and time are provided to the customer within 4 hours of referral.
  • Transportation, interpreters, and hotel/flight coordination are arranged at no additional charge to the customer.
  • Appointment reminder phone calls are initiated 24 hours in advance of the assessment in order to reduce no-shows, unless otherwise specified.
  • Customers are notified and verification of appointment attendance is provided immediately following the IME.
  • Reports are submitted to the customer within 5-10 business days of the IME date.
  • Able to accommodate appointments outside of regular business hours.
  • All applicable legislative, privacy, and policy guidelines / requirements are strictly observed.

In addition, by intently understanding the needs of our clients, we are able to accommodate or find solutions to our customer’s problems in a direct and expeditious manner. With a streamline and hands-on corporate management structure, we are also able to maintain optimal service flexibility and immediate adjustment to our customer’s needs. RIDM’s owners are hands-on in the day to day operations of the Company, providing a level of confidence both to our staff as well as our customers. Our primary motivational focus is exclusively on the needs of our customers and not on shareholders’ quarterly return on investment demands and expectations.