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Job Site and Ergonomic Evaluations

Job Site Evaluations

Our Job Site Evaluations offer an assessment and detailed description of the essential duties of an individual’s occupation, along with the frequency/duration that these same duties are performed, along with the corresponding physical demands of the occupation. Environmental conditions are addressed within this evaluation as are employment requirements, which can include potential job modifications, assistive devices, and graduated return to work.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomic Evaluations are performed to address and provide education regarding:

  • proper body mechanics,
  • task modification techniques,
  • implementation and usage of any recommended ergonomically correct devices
  • pacing strategies, and
  • energy conservation techniques, including the concept of “hurt vs. harm”

Evaluations are aimed at enabling client’s to safely and efficiently return to all former work related duties, with decreased pain, and a reduced risk of re-injury.

Our Certified Kinesiologists, Ergonomists, and Occupational Therapists are available to conduct both Job Site Evaluations and Ergonomic Evaluations on site.