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Rapid Interactive Disability Management enters into exclusive partnership with Canabo Medical Corp to bring Expert Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Assessments to the IME marketplace.

Rapid Interactive Disability Management (RIDM), a National Independent Medical Assessment provider, along with the Medical Marijuana experts at Canabo Medical Corp, a leader in MMJ research and treatment, have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide the Disability Management industry with informed, reliable, and defensible Independent Medical Marijuana Evaluations.

For both insurers and employers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know whether or not Medical Marijuana is the optimal treatment for injuries / illnesses claimed; whether dosages and delivery methods are appropriate; whether the costs of necessary treatments are reasonable; and whether the individual is safe to return to their pre-injury work on Medical Marijuana.

The use of medical marijuana in Canada is on the rise. Health Canada projects that the country’s number of medical marijuana users could grow by as many as 450,000 in the next decade, even with generalized Federal legalization expected in the next year or two. Industry claim and accommodation trends clearly underscore the steadily increasing need for both Insurance Companies and Employers to mitigate their risk and rationalize their MMJ expenses through the utilization of objective and informed medical expertise in disability cases. Within an increasingly complex marketplace, it is no longer appropriate, nor advisable, to have just any IME physician provide comment on issues of MMJ use and treatment.

Through this partnership, the combined expertise of RIDM and Canabo Medical Corp will provide research based and medically informed expert guidance in MMJ issues to the IME Industry from coast to coast.