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Medical Marijuana Seminars Available

RIDM in conjunction with Canabo are available to provide seminars related to Medical Marijuana (MMJ) and the rising trends in our industry.


“Our Accident Benefits team was seeing a continuing trend of medical marijuana being recommended by GPs as the appropriate treatment for MVA injuries. We had a lack of understanding regarding the use and benefits of this medication, so we were thrilled when David at Rapid Interactive Disability Management offered to come to our office and educate our staff. The seminar that was presented by RIDM and Canabo was very educational and provided our casualty teams with the science behind the use of the drug, and a clear understanding of how and when the drug should be used for injury claims. The information that was provided to our adjusters, will be greatly beneficial as they are now equipped with the knowledge of how to successfully manage an injury claim that involves the use of Medical Marijuana.”

Steve Bulmer CIP
Accident Benefits Claims Supervisor

“Rapid Interactive Disability Management and Canabo recently conducted a seminar for Gore Mutual Insurance on the issue of Medical Marijuana (MMJ) in Accident Benefit Claims. It was extremely valuable information that provided clarity for our claims staff around legal and illegal licensing issues, as well as the appropriate costs and utilization of MMJ.  They provided us with a clear understanding of how cannabis can be reasonable & necessary in certain circumstances, while not in others. The information provided was presented in a very clear and understandable manner, and will be very helpful to our claims staff in appropriately adjudicating claims involving the use of medical marijuana.”

Joe Ferritto BA , CIP, AMIO
Program Manager, Accident Benefit Losses